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Our Services

In an ever-changing world, crime prevention requires fresh thinking and adaptive measures to ensure we always stay one step ahead of the curve. As our economy changes, society changes and technologies advance, crime also changes, it adapts, so we must too. In doing so, our offering has expanded into a comprehensive combination of services, covering all aspects of security.

Each service we provide has been perfected over time, customised and developed in-house to create a package that is highly effective and caters to an individual’s requirement, risk and budget. Nothing we supply is ‘off the shelf’. You won’t find another security provider that tailors our services like we do, works as hard as we do, has the experience we do, or a company that is passionate about your security in the way that we are.

SWL will work hard on your behalf to find the right solution for you. Every person has the right to feel safe. Every home, working environment or asset should be protected. This is all completed with attention to the financial impact upon the business or person in receipt of our services. Value for money and return on investment must be a primary consideration within any security application.

Man putting Vulture CCTV Site Box into back of white truck with makita and stanley tools and hikvision surveillance camera.
SWL Security SIA approved BID street team wardens in blue hi vis body armour, radios and body cams in Croydon stood in front of graffiti art.
SIA Approved Contractor Logo on vehicle covered in rain drops.

We provide to a variety of clients, including SME, large corporations, retail clients, domestic properties, local authorities and BIDs (Business Improvement Districts). Our experience, combined with our broad range of services and expertise, makes SWL a formidable security provider.

We believe we have always been at the forefront of developing crime prevention services. For example, our provision of Street Team services stems right back to our formative years, in which we delivered pilot schemes across the south coast, pioneering the role. As well this, as our Remote Security units, AKA Vulture CCTV, were some of the first in the country. We understood financial pressures and increasing criminality presented a need for a 21st security solution that was both reliable and economical.

SWL Security SIA approved BID street team wardens in hi vis body armour stood on pebble beach seafront in front of pier, cloudy sky and waves.
SWL Security ARC Alarm Receiving Centre remote monitoring surveillance system CCTV controller SIA.
SWL Security SIA approved BID street team warden in hi vis body armour smiling and using radio.
SWL Security end to end service delivery banner showing CCTV installer on construction site, Alarm Receiving Centre remote monitoring surveillance system CCTV controller and SIA approved BID street team wardens in hi vis body armour, radios and body cams in Southampton high street.

What is 'end-to-end' security?

End-to-end means we can supply you with any security service you require, handling every aspect from beginning to end, without the need for you to coordinate with multiple providers.

Imagine the peace of mind granted by knowing any security concerns you may have, can be solved with one contact number. Or the time saved by not having to communicate and liaise with different contractors and the money saved by negating each contractor’s individual profit margins. Furthermore, our streamlined approach means we can react quicker in the event of an emergency and seamlessly coordinate a response. Whether you need protection for your home or business, our aim is to be the only security provider you will ever need.

How this benefits you...

  • Cost Saving

  • Fast & Efficient Service

  • Seamless Coordination

  • Eliminates Weak Links

  • Agreed Response

  • Stress Free Security

  • Single Point of Contact

  • Transparent Communication

  • Comprehensive Industry Knowledge

  • Bespoke Solutions Tailored to your Needs

  • Rapid Intruder Interaction & Response

The graphic below gives an example of how our end-to-end service delivery works and benefits our customers, by bringing together multiple service provisions, such as CCTV installations, key-holding, monitoring and response, all under one roof. You can also check out the accompanying case study which details a real-life scenario in which we solved our client’s security problems at the same time as a reduction on costs.

But that’s just one example of how our advantageous end-to end model works, there are many more. For instance, we also have retail customers that benefit from our end-to-end service delivery, utilising multiple services in conjunction to provide their estate with the most effective security operation available. 

"...providing complete peace of mind as well as a saving on monthly expenses… and all they had to do was call the number they had seen on our passing vehicles."

Element under construction yellow hexagon.


Once installation is complete, our in-house Remote Monitoring Centre operators, receive a detailed site brief in a hand over from our installers. The site is then vigilantly monitored around the clock.

Confirmation & Interaction

In the event of an activation the RMC operators can verify the intrusion and begin the agreed escalation procedure, without the need to alert external parties, saving valuable time and money.

Post Incident Management

Our response driver will secure the property and liaise with the RMC who complete a report and sent it to the client. If necessary our Crime Hub can also process and submit a police crime report on your behalf.


Whether a hard install or a temporary remote security unit like that of our Vulture CCTV, we install with attention to detail and a working knowledge of effective intrusion detection methods.

Intruder Detection

Advanced behavioural analytics, detects intruders and instantly alerts the RMC.  These settings are programmed by our installers who have seen the most likely intrusion points first hand.


Simultaneously the operator coordinates with our own highly trained response drivers to attend. Because the drivers are managed in-house the operator will instantly know the closest available driver.

Vulture CCTV Hikvision PTZ camera monitoring 24/7 night and day. Green hexagon border.


Vulture CCTV trailer against cloudy blue sky remote security solar powered compound fencing perimeter protection Hikvision PTZ. Green hexagon border.


Vulture CCTV Hikvision camera monitoring intruder detected motion detection line crossing. Green hexagon border.


Vulture CCTV SWL Security van and response driver securing construction site at night time plant equipment behind perimeter protection metal gates. Green hexagon border.


SWL Security young man in ARC Alarm Receiving Centre using microphone monitoring surveillance system CCTV controller SIA Hikvision. Green hexagon border.


SWL Security response driver guard arresting intruder at night time. Green hexagon border.




We presented our findings and advised the potential client against the patrols, explaining the problem was the CCTV and unreliable monitoring company. We explained that instead we should fix their CCTV, replacing cameras where budgets allowed, and optimising its positioning for effective intrusion detection. We then detailed what our rolling cost would be for the provision of 24/7 monitoring and response in the event of an activation.

Won over by our very competitive pricing, they went on to explain their current monitoring was more expensive and didn’t even include the response service. Instead in the event of a break-in the company’s allocated key-holder would get a call in the night, informing them of a potentially dangerous intruder.

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Red Paperclip.png

Since taking over the site, we responded to a number of incidents early on, successfully detecting intruders and making the site safe, without any damage to the property, loss of stock or the need to disturb any staff members in the early hours. Since then, activations have drastically decreased, proving the effectiveness of our crime prevention methods.

This is a prime example of how our end-to-end service delivery benefits our customers. Our experience across multiple security applications meant we were able to give rounded and informed advice. We knew that patrols weren’t the best solution and only presented further financial loss for the company. It meant we knew the most effective measures to implement and how best to deploy them in order the benefit each element. Our familiarity of CCTV systems complimented our understanding of alarm and video monitoring and visa versa. Our end-to-end service delivery also meant we were able to offer a better level of service at a more competitive price, presenting further cost savings.

We resolved their problem, handling every step of the solution, providing complete peace of mind as well as a saving on monthly expenses… and all they had to do was call the number they had seen on our passing vehicles.

CASE STUDY: End-to-End Service Delivery

REF: SWL00981

ALIAS: PC Warehouse

We were approached by a local custom PC building company who’s warehouse was subject to frequent intruders aiming to gain access to their stock, in this case high value PC components. Their CCTV had been installed years ago by an independent trader and was since being monitored by a different company. Despite the money they had invested in the installation and the reoccurring costs for monitoring, the problems persisted. After suffering further damage, and noticing our branded vans in the locality, they decided they had nothing to lose by calling us. Initially they contacted to enquire about the possibility of providing scheduled patrols. It didn’t sit right with us they had already invested in what should be a very effective security measure and so we offered to drop by that afternoon.

Upon visiting we were quickly able to identify their CCTV was not appropriate. In the not-too-distant past, they had unfortunately paid for outdated equipment that just wasn’t up to the job. Furthermore, it had been placed in such a way that would reduce its effectiveness for anyone trying to monitor the cameras. Most likely positioned to make it convenient for the original installer to run cables or position their ladder.

So at this point, they had unknowingly paid one contractor for a poor install and were making regular payments to another supplier to monitor them. The latter of which hadn’t raised any issue with the inadequate cameras, meaning they were missing many of the intrusions. They were just happy to keep taking their money. Out of desperation to stop the break-ins, they were considering paying us, a third contractor, to add regular patrols. Another additional cost.

SWL Security Vulture CCTV man in hi vis with ipad completing a site survey in front of container and perimeter.

Our Services

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Access Control Systems

The right access control system delivers not only security, but flexibility and convenience. It is also a cost-efficient way of controlling access to your property and when that access is permitted. Keys can easily be lost, which presents an immediate security risk which can be costly to rectify, as well as the cost each time someone new requires a key. In areas of buildings with high traffic of people, often doors with traditional locks will be left unlocked all day, leaving your property and possessions open to opportunistic theft and damage. Access control only allows those with the correct pin, key-fob or card to enter and will automatically lock when the door is closed. Pins can easily be changed, or key-fobs easily barred if they are ever lost, negating the need for costly changing of locks and keys. Access rights can also be customised per user in different parts of the building as well as the time of day or night access is permitted.

Element under construction yellow hexagon.

For example, in 2017 we were asked to tender for the security contract at an imports centre on Southampton docks. Upon looking at the site and how much money was being spent on security officers, we proposed to replace the on-site overnight and weekend security, with a fully interactive CCTV system. We installed a 16-camera system, combined with an access control system for the out of hours deliveries. This meant that at 17:00 the staff could leave site and lock up and handover to SWL. During the night if any deliveries arrived, they could contact the RMC via the installed intercom and request access. If access was granted, they were then allowed into a secure delivery compound, monitored via the cameras until they had finished their delivery. By installing this system, we saved the customer £90,000 in the first year and subsequently £120,000 per year thereafter.

SWL Security van and response driver shining torch securing construction site at night time plant equipment behind perimeter protection metal gates.

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For security like no other...

Red banner, Vulture CCTV engineer on ladder installing Hikvision bullet camera.