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For end-to-end crime prevention services...

...the search is over.

For security like no other, contact us.

SWL Security end to end crime prevention services, hexagon pictures showing remote security, asset tracking & recovery, town centre wardens, remote monitoring centre, CCTV installation, retail security, vacant property protection, legal and civil action, evidence, crime reporting, site security, BID wardens, lone worker protection, training instructor, covert & loss prevention, guarding.

Over 20 years on from our humble beginnings, one way we’ve stayed ahead of the curve is understanding the major advantages modern technology presents us as a security provider, in conjunction with traditional guarding roles. By offering a comprehensive range of services across both spectrums, we aim to be the only security provider you will ever need.

​We are accomplished suppliers of:

  • Alarm & Video Monitoring

  • Access Control Systems

  • Asset Tracking & Recovery

  • CCTV Installations

  • Covert Security & Loss Prevention

  • Key Holding & Response

  • Lone Worker Safety

  • Legal & Civil Action

  • Remote Security

  • Retail Security

  • Security Guards

  • Site Security

  • Town Centre Wardens

  • Void Property Protection

Imagine the peace of mind granted by knowing any security concerns you may have can be solved with one contact number. Or the stress negated by the fact the same company that installed your CCTV, ensuring optimum efficiency and value for money, are also monitoring it 24/7. In the event there is an incident, you know that same company will immediately despatch a response officer to secure your property. After the event they will even compile the CCTV footage, submit evidence to the police and proceed with legal action against the offender, all on your behalf.

Because our end-to-end security solutions function under one company, our valued customers benefit from our extensive industry experience, as well as: cost saving service delivery, seamless coordination, rapid response, bespoke options, transparent communication and complete peace of mind.

Whether a small business, medium enterprise or domestic customer we can tailor our products and services precisely to your requirement, risk and budget. Whether you simply need a couple of cameras installed at your home, or the provision of end-to-end loss prevention services for your business, SWL can help you. 

SWL Security Vulture CCTV trailer remote security Southampton docks containers cranes Hikvision.

Vulture: Remote Security & CCTV 

Vulture provides both permanent CCTV installations and  temporary Remote Security units. A 21st century solution securing your premises at a fraction of the cost of traditional guarding.

SWL Security instructor training new security guards in physical intervention tactics.

Our bespoke in-house training programmes surpass the industry standard and are not available to external companies, so rest assured our quality of service cannot be found anywhere else in the industry.

Above & Beyond

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SWL Security Vulture CCTV engineer and happy builder in hi vis and hard hat in front of construction site and scaffolding.


Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at what our customers have to say.

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SWL Security SIA approved BID street team wardens in hi vis body armour, handcuffs and body cams on Southampton high street.

BID Street Teams

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Our experience providing Street Team services stems right back to our formative years, in which we delivered pilot schemes across the south coast, pioneering the role.

SWL Security services since 2001 timeline history.
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